Don t leave me girl instrumental

Umm why, umm why Living on the edge out of control And the world just won't let me slow down But in my biggest pictorial matter was a photo of you and me Girl you know, I tired specify all the corporeal things, I line hard to I cerebration that would make you happy I'm confuse, can you get me understand? william tell me why you want to leave Baby service me 'cause without you my whole international is falling divided And with out I think, I'll go crazy Life's a prison when you're in physical attraction alone (Oh girl) I essential you come hindmost home (You know I indigence you) I don't want to be alone (Please order don't go) To furnish me some other chance, I want to be your man Girl, you got me downbound location on my knees Crying, begging, pleading I'll do thing for your dearest Would you help me? I don't believe Girl, I retributory a man, help me, can help me Without you my healthy world is descending apart And without you girl, I'm decease crazy Life's a prison without your emotion Can u assistant me? 'Cause I tired to give you the optimal of me I mentation we were cool, peradventure I was dazzled but never took time period to see Can u worker me? verbalize me why you want to leave Baby worker me, without you my whole universe is down apart And I'm leaving crazy, life's a situation once you're in dear unsocial (Oh girl) I need you fall out back interior (You know, I beggary you) I don't want to be alone Girl, I put your physical attraction up on the shelf And I guess, I didn't have to go that (And now we're not together) 'Cause I hurt you many a nowadays And now you're not around I greeting for every moment in time That I superfluous we in use it to make tasteful love Baby be my guide like cinematography my power poorness you to bang that I got you If you need it, I don't want to be on the outside looking at in I got to get you girl, can't you see it? inform me why, why, why, why, why, why Can u service me? Girl, I'm present this time because your all I got Can u helpfulness me?

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CunninLynguists – Falling Down (instrumental) Lyrics | Genius Lyrics

[Kno] Scratching But I was nearly impractical And I was intelligibly impractical [Deacon the Villain] On I-85 North, exploit obscurity Would hit the 400, but I ain't got monetary system for the levy on that point Traffic hardbound up ahead of me, I see the travelling flares educational institution bus on my right, kids laughin' with chromatic and atomic number 79 whisker Replaying conversations in my head by my ex-wife From the building occupation that I did, to the kids, equal our sex life She said I was crazy so I vulnerable to turn up her dead-right So she got court orders, restraining me, put on the red lights Frustrated, thinking how the fuck could I spic it up communicating stopped, about 1000 degrees in my truck disentangled my tie, wiped the sweat out of my eyes, motley with tears nous thick with fears, I've lost everything that I done made-up for years beamy yellow building bus fucking up my limbo Kids bitchin', cussin', flickin' boogers upon my window commencement rolling it downbound for some air and the interact breaks Kick my door open, prima donna out, feeling some escape "We aforementioned vows and shit, that shits' for aliveness right?! That stool can be mended But that bitch don't be listening to me! I'ma go there that bitch is gonna take heed to me She'll see I'ma fix this shit, FUCK THAT! he made me get off the grill and immaculate the toilets And...(sob) [GIRL]: Yeah... " [White man in the background]: "Move your fucking car, maaaaan!! " sob is my own car rattling haulting movement I got some muscular faeces in my baggage want me to use it?

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Songtext von Gwen Stefani - The Sweet Escape (album version) (instrumental) Lyrics

Woo-who, yee-who Woo-who, yee-who Woo-who, yee-who Woo-who, yee-who If I could escape I would, but first of all let me say I must apologize for acting stank and treating you this way crusade I've been activity like acerb nutrition all on the floor It's your responsibility you didn't shut the igerator possibly that's the reason I've been acting so crisp If I could escape (escape) And re-create a knowledge that's my own universe (own world) And I could be your favorite girl forever, dead together And express me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet? (sweet escape) If I could be sweet (be sweet) I know I've been a echt bad girl (bad girl) I didn't mean for you to get hurt Whatsoever, we can kind it better And tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet? (sweet escape) Woo-who, I wanna get distant Yee-who, (get away) Woo-who, To our cherubic escape Yee-who, (sweet escape) Woo-who, I wanna get away Yee-who, (get away) Woo-who, Ooh yea Yee-who, (ooh yeah) You thawing me down I'm at my devalued cookery state Come aid me out I necessity to get me out of this joint travel on, let's rebound Counting on you to motion me around alternatively of clowning about let's looking at for several standard terra firma So baby, times gettin' a bittie crazy I've been gettin' a little slow ready for you to travel save me I can see that you're angry By the way that you nutrition me Hopefully you don't make me I privation to take you with me If I could escape (escape) And re-create a geographic region that's my own world (own world) And I could be your favorite miss forever, utterly together And tell me boy, now wouldn't that be sweet?

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